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ESubleq Emulator

A simple Subleq computer emulator with assembler.

Learn more about Subleq from Esolangs and Wikipedia.

Assembly Input


Debug Serial IO

Debug Panel


A: 0x0000 → 0x00 (0)

B: 0x0000 → 0x00 (0)

C: 0x0000

Program Counter: 0x0000

Cycles: 0

Status: Not Halted

Memory Monitor - Page

Processor Information

The Subleq Emulator is an 8 bit processor with 16 bit little endian addressing.

The processor's 16 bit address space allows up to 65536 (64K) bytes of memory.

Since instructions are comprised of 3 addresses and an address takes 2 bytes, each instruction is 6 bytes in size.

The maximum number of instructions is about 10920 when accounting for memory mapped peripherals.

The program counter starts at address 0, the instruction here should be just a jump to allow address 0 to be empty.

Memory Map

reading/writing to certain memory addresses interfaces with alu hardware

$ffff: write to data lines, read 0

$fffe: read from data lines

$fffd: read/write to "register" a

$fffc: read/write to "register" b

$fffb: read a xor b

$fffa: read a and b

$fff9: read a or b

$fff8: read not a

$fff7: read a << 1

$fff6: read a >> 1